Choose the quality of Roditor & Philadelphia metal polishing products! Roditor and Philadelphia, involved in international treading since 1958, produces abrasive compounds, buffs made of cotton, sisal and other material for treating and finishing metal surface. Roditor & Philadelphia production is wide and diversified, this and for this reasons its customers are fully satisfied with the company team.

Roditor & Philadelphia is one of the most important companies in the world that manufacture items for surface treatment and industrial metal finishing, both manual and robotised. The original company, Confezioni Dischi Roditor, was born in 1958 in Verolanuova, province of Brescia, in order to supply Brescian companies working in the metal surface polishing sector.  Over the years the company established  itself on the national market. In order to satisfying the growing number of customers, in the early ’70 it expanded its production introducing, together with the buffs also the solid and liquid abrasive compounds produced by an expert Brescian artisan. In 1972, from the union between Mr. Giovanni Pugnetti’s laboratory and Confezioni Dischi Roditor, arose Philadelphia Chemical, whose name comes from the street of its first production site. In 1980 the merger between Confezioni Dischi Roditor and Philadelphia Chemical led to the creation of Roditor & Philadelphia,  that in 1991 physically merged the buffs production unit with the abrasive compounds one, and in 1999 it completed the merger of the administration and sales offices in the present location in San Donnino street

Roditor & Philadelphia produces:

  • Cotton buffs 
  • Cloth buffs
  • Woollen buffs
  • Sisal buffs 
  • Ventilated buffs
  • Corrugated buffs
  • Pleated buffs
  • Steel wire brushes
  • Solid and liquid abrasive compounds.

The most used consist of simple section, ventilated, corrugated or pleated buffs. The first ones are traditional buffs are almost exclusively used on manual polishing machines. They are made of various qualities of cotton, woollen cloth, Rodiflex.

Ventilated buffs are suitable for every polishing, bright finishing and satin finishing treatments of flat and shaped workpieces on manual and automatic cleaning machines. They can be sewed from natural and treated cotton, woollen cloth, Rodiflex, sisal and cotton, only sisal, with or without  impregnation. Corrugated buffs are used for roughing and preliminary bright finishing, whereas pleated buffs are used  for every bright finishing treatment.

The Brescian company makes product from high quality materials, as a result of on-going research and technologically advanced machinery. As a consequence, its customers manufacture high quality, reliable and innovative items and they get real operational benefits, such as the improvement of the finishing, increased productivity, costs optimization and the simplification of working cycles. Roditor & Philadelphia periodically increases its Research and Development activities,  to raise the production standards and the level of customers satisfaction. Moreover, it keeps investigating in the enlargement of the areas production and storehouse. Furthermore, the company constantly realise increasingly modern and efficient machineries. The overarching goal pursued by these projects is meeting customers and companies demands and expectation. The facilities provided for these companies concern consultation and technical support for steel and metal polishing products.