Roditor & Philadelphia is one of the most important companies in the international and Italian landscapes with regard to the production of:

  • metal polishing products
  • metal roughing product
  • metal bright finishing products
  • steel bright finishing products
  • aluminum bright finishing products.

Particularly, the company is specialized in the production of liquid and solid abrasive compounds and of buff in cotton, sisal and other materials.

Sisal buffs for metal polishing, are made from a natural fibre obtained from agave leaves; the result is the production of  extremely compact wheels thet, thanks to the hardness of the fibres, guarantee an high cutting performance. Roditor & Philadelphia deals with the production of:

  • ventilated sisal buffs
  • corrugated sisal buffs
  • pleated sisal buffs
  • stitched sisal buffs
  • plaited sisal brushes.

Roditor & Philadelphia, operating since 1958, is the reference partner of every customer since it has a strong reputation as expert and reliable supplier. Moreover, the company offers to others companies consultation, assistance and technical support services. Thanks to specialised technicians, Roditor & Philadelphia can offer a team ready to provide a direct connection between the company and customers by offering  technical support for the specific requests and a consulting service in order to improve productivity and efficiency on work cycles. Thanks to this interaction, Roditor & Philadelphia strengthened its expertise, by constantly updating range of products: ventilated cotton buffs, corrugated cotton and sisal buffs, solid and liquid abrasive compounds.

Cotton buffs  are one of the best article of  Roditor & Philadelphia’s production. They are suitable for the industrial polishing and bright finishing of metal, and they are manufactured by sewing together more cotton buffs. In particular, the company from Brescia deals with the production of ventilated, stitched, simple section, corrugated, pleated cotton buffs.

Roditor & Philadelphia’s liquid abrasive compounds  are made for roughing, polishing and mirror finishing operations on different kinds of metals. These compounds can be used on automatic or semi-automatic machines provided with a centralized feeding equipment. This is made possible thanks to the homogeneity of compounds, their adherence to the polishing buff and to the lubricating power capable of reducing the wear of the buff.

Metal polishing and bright finishing are surface finishing mechanical treatments. These particular operations mainly carried out using automatic or manual machines with special brushes and/or belts. Roditor & Philadelphia satisfies its customer’s requirements by adopting different polishing techniques depending on the nature of the product and its use. In addition to the industrial metal, the company is able to prepare the surface for the varnishing phase and it carries out the technical polishing on plastic materials, with varnishing systems equipment and so on. The main industrial metal polishing techniques are the shot peening with blast machines, the tumbling and the sandblasting.

Rodilfex buffs produce excellent results on every polishing treatments and in operations requiring reduced removal. Rodiflex is a synthetic material with a spongy appearance, obtained from nylon fibres and grit. Thanks to different grits and various compositions, Rodiflex is the perfect tool to obtain satin-brushed finishes on aluminium profiles, cutlery, handles, metal sheet and steel panels, wooden panels and frames. Roditor & Philadelphia produces in its Brescia plant different kinds of rodiflex buffs: ventilated buffs, pleated buffs, flap wheels.

Choose the quality of Roditor & Philadelphia metal polishing products! Roditor and Philadelphia, involved in international treading since 1958, produces abrasive compounds, buffs made of cotton, sisal and other material for treating and finishing metal surface. Roditor & Philadelphia production is wide and diversified, this and for this reasons its customers are fully satisfied with the company team.