Cotton buffs  are one of the best article of  Roditor & Philadelphia’s production. They are suitable for the industrial polishing and bright finishing of metal, and they are manufactured by sewing together more cotton buffs. In particular, the company from Brescia deals with the production of ventilated, stitched, simple section, corrugated, pleated cotton buffs.

Ventilated cotton buffs are guarantee of quality and excellent performances, as all Roditor & Philadelphia’s products. Different kinds of sewing are essential in order to improve operations’ quality and duration of the buffs that are carefully produced to ensure the correct weight distribution. Ventilated buffs are made with natural or treated cotton, woollen cloth, Rodiflex, sisal and cotton, or only sisal, with or without impregnation. They are suitable for every industrial metal polishing operations: bright finishing and glazing of plain and shaped pieces both on manual and automatic polishing machines.

Ventilated cotton buffs classified as A typology are made for application concerning mirror finishing, high mirror finishing and bright finishing operations.
Articles classified as B typology are suitable for roughing operations, and for other works as well, as the polishing and semi-brightening of every metals, particularly aluminium and steel. Lastly, ventilated cotton buffs are made for cutlery polishing and bright finishing.

Corrugated cotton buffs are made with a mix of sisal and cotton, with or without impregnation, or in natural (MA) or treated cotton. Corrugated buffs combine the strong aggressive power with the absence of overheating thanks to the particular corrugation of fabric.

Corrugated cotton buffs are suitable for polishing, roughing and pre-bright finishing of steel, chrome, iron (pots,  kitchen accessories, pipes). They are the perfect articles if you have to work with a single wheel which does not open out on the side. Thickness is 30 mm.

The buffs produced are classified as follows:

  • 1033 MA type
  • 2045 GOLDEN GG type
  • 2042 GOLDEN BIANCO type
  • 2044 ROYAL BLU type.

The customer can choose the dimension of the buffs to make, according to their needs.

The stitched buffs produced by Roditor & Philadelphia are

  • Simple buffs (with different qualities of cotton, white and coloured shirt-cloth, camouflage and jeans cloth)
  • Stitched cotton buffs (with different qualities of cotton, white and coloured shirt-cloth, camouflage and jeans cloth)
  • Big diameter buffs for robot (MA and MF quality cotton).

Simple buffs, stitched cotton buffs and big diameter buffs for robot are used for every metal polishing and bright finishing. Big diameter stitched cotton buffs for robot are classified with different typologies: 2041 GOLDEN GG type (yellow); 2047 GOLDEN BIANCO (white); 2048 ROYAL BLU type (blue); 2009 NAP VERDE type (green). Moreover, Roditor & Philadelphia produces special buffs by alterning section of simple MA cotton  and OF various qualities of treated cotton, such as: 2050 NAP VERDE + MA; 2051 NAP VERDE + MA + ROYAL BLU; 2052 ROYAL BLU + MA.

Pleated cotton buffs are made with natural and treated cotton, sisal + sisal and cotton, with or without impregnation. They are suitable for every kind of material and they are used for every bright finishing treatments. They are particularly apt for “immersion” processes of pieces with shaped details. Pleated cotton buffs are almost exclusively used on automatic polishing machines for shaped pieces polishing and bright finishing. Every single fabric layer is folded in a “Z” shape (pleated) and then arranged around the centre in different ways:

  • standard (ST), more rigid buff
  • spiral (SP), more flexible buff
  • mini-pleated, very small “Z” pleats (this special assembly allows the “immersion” polishing of small parts)

Roditor & Philadelphia produces

  • pleated buffs with metal seam
  • spiral pleated big diameter buffs for robot (they are spiral pleated buffs with acardboard center, made of natural and treated cotton cloth)