Roditor & Philadelphia’s liquid abrasive compounds  are made for roughing, polishing and mirror finishing operations on different kinds of metals. These compounds can be used on automatic or semi-automatic machines provided with a centralized feeding equipment. This is made possible thanks to the homogeneity of compounds, their adherence to the polishing buff and to the lubricating power capable of reducing the wear of the buff.

Solid abrasive compounds are produced on the establishment settled in Brescia and they are used on metal polishing operation both with traditional manual, automatic, and semi-automatic polishing machines. Compounds with natural abrasives are suitable for brass and alloys treatment, while those with synthetic abrasives have a high finishing capacity on steel and ferrous metals. The solid abrasive compounds are dispensed through a pneumatic feeder that distribute the compound on the rotating mops and allows a perfect dosing, a correct pressure on the mop, less waste of unused compound and, when manual machine are used, it allows to have the operator  both hands free.

The solid and abrasives compounds range consist of custom-made solution for particular applications and treatments, like tallow compounds for the lubrication of abrasive belts and flap wheels of abrasive cloth, and solid abrasive compounds for polyester, plastic, marble, granite, and polyurethane shoes soles bright finishing.

The best way of using liquid abrasive compounds is spraying them with low or high-pressure guns, by means of a centralized system, so as to obtain a light, regular and uniform supply.

There are two types of centralized system:  with pressure tank, from 50 to 100 litres or with “siletto” tank with a pump fixed on it.  The supply of solid abrasive compound is made by means of a pneumatic feeder, mod. COSMEC, applied on both manual and automatic polishing machines. The feeding is carried out through a double action pneumatic cylinder, that approaches the mop and then slowly returns to the initial to prevent the compound bar from a continuous contact with the mop.

Roditor & Philadelphia’s solid and liquid abrasive compounds are made for different metals polishing, roughing, and mirror finishing with automatic or semi-automatic machines, with centralized distribution systems and with traditional polishing machines. Roditor & Philadelphia uses high quality raw materials. Its products can be recognized on market because of their intrinsic features of quality achieved thanks to Roditor & Philadelphia’s experience in the industry of bright finishing products. The company from Brescia is an international point of reference in the branch of abrasive compounds.