Roditor & Philadelphia is one of the most important companies in the international and Italian landscapes with regard to the production of:

  • metal polishing products
  • metal roughing product
  • metal bright finishing products
  • steel bright finishing products
  • aluminum bright finishing products.

Particularly, the company is specialized in the production of liquid and solid abrasive compounds and of buff in cotton, sisal and other materials.

Roditor & Philadelphia was established in 1958 in Verolanuova, province of Brescia, it is now internationally-oriented thanks to its quality products and to its highly competent professional team. Thus, the solutions proposed and products manufactured by the company are used by an even wider number of consumers and Roditor & Philadelphia is a reference point not only in Italy but in all Europe and abroad, especially in the Middle East. The competence and the professionalism acquired by Roditor & Philadelphia in the last sixty years of work made the company very trustworthy for its customers and capable of fully meeting their demands.

The company always focuses on the realization of highly qualified products capable to represent Roditor & Phiadelphia all over the world. Quality is not only a purely technical concept, but it also concern organisational and management issues that permeates this aspects in all its entirety. The range of products goes from the production of abrasive and solid compounds to the junction of abrasive belts of every dimension, to the production of flap wheels with abrasive cloth, to the ventilated and corrugated nonwoven fabric buffs and to the cotton buffs produced according to customer’s requirements.

Roditor & Philadelphia works in the most profitable industrial sectors: automotive,  mechanical engineering , steelmaking, constructions. Moreover the company produces articles for military, transport, electronic and furniture sectors (polishing, bight finishing and roughing products for cutlery, pots, steel accessories, tableware, accessories for bathroom). The productions halls have been gradually renovated and upgraded and, at the same time, the company always ensured maximum safety for its customers and better results over time.

The company deals with: cycle and motorcycle manufacturers, automatic machines producers, housewares and equipment for food producers, companies producing water fittings, pharmaceutical equipment, metallic doors and windows, furniture, companies operating in the nautical sector and with every producer who need solution concerning bright finishing and glazing.

Roditor & Philadelphia combines years of experience with an ongoing research of innovation.