Rodilfex buffs produce excellent results on every polishing treatments and in operations requiring reduced removal. Rodiflex is a synthetic material with a spongy appearance, obtained from nylon fibres and grit. Thanks to different grits and various compositions, Rodiflex is the perfect tool to obtain satin-brushed finishes on aluminium profiles, cutlery, handles, metal sheet and steel panels, wooden panels and frames. Roditor & Philadelphia produces in its Brescia plant different kinds of rodiflex buffs: ventilated buffs, pleated buffs, flap wheels.

Woollen cloth buffs produced by  Roditor & Philadelphia. They are sewed with woollen cloth, sometimes mixed with cotton canvas, and they are used both on manual and automatic polishing machines on aluminium and its alloys. Woollen cloth buffs produce a special level of finishing. The company’s production includes simple sections and stitched buffs (made with simple sections or spirally stitched at 8-10 mm. width) suitable for bright finishing of aluminium sections and ventilated buffs.

Roditor & Philadelphia’s production includes tampico buffs. Tampico is a plant fibre from Mexico. These buffs are extremely soft and flexible, and they are generally used in bright and satin finishing on steel surfaces. They allow the treatment of pieces with a very complex shape and they produce a semi-bright finishing. In order to obtain a longer duration of the buffs and to improve adhesiveness of the abrasive compound they are often impregnated.

The company produces different buffs for manual and automatic polishing machines.

Buffs and brushes can be:

  • with small bore, for manual machines
  • with metal seams for automatic machine
  • brushes and cylinders

The rodiflex buffs, tampico brushes, the steel wire brushes  and other kind of buffs and wheels produced by Roditor & Philadelphia are known and used all over the world thanks to the high quality of their materials, to their precision, and to the high performances on roughing, polishing and brightening of metals, steel and aluminium. Moreover, the wide range of articles offered allows customers to choose the products that best suit their needs and expectations.