Sisal buffs for metal polishing, are made from a natural fibre obtained from agave leaves; the result is the production of  extremely compact wheels thet, thanks to the hardness of the fibres, guarantee an high cutting performance. Roditor & Philadelphia deals with the production of:

  • ventilated sisal buffs
  • corrugated sisal buffs
  • pleated sisal buffs
  • stitched sisal buffs
  • plaited sisal brushes.

Ventilated sisal buffs are used for the polishing of aluminium profiles, aluminium and steel sheet, pipes and tubes, shaped pieces, etc. There are various combinations of abrasive compounds that achieve different degree of bright and mirror finishes on the pieces. Ventilated sisal buffs are suitable for roughing operations, while the sisal/cotton and the only cotton ones are used for finishing operation.

With a Thickness of 30 mm, Roditor & Philadelphia’s corrugated sisal buffs are produced with sisal mixed with cotton, with or without impregnation, or with natural or treated cotton. These buffs combines the strong aggressive power with the absence of overheating  thanks to the particular corrugation of their fabric. As a matter of fact, the corrugation of the fabric, has been developed in order to obtain a strong aggressive power and to avoid the overheating of the treated piece. Their applications could be: roughing and pre- bright finishing of steel, iron and chrome (pots, kitchen accessories, pipes). Corrugated sisal buffs are normally exposed to impregnation in order to improve their hardness and duration.

The great flexibility and softness of the plaited sisal brushes allows the treatment of pieces with very complicated shapes and to obtain a semi-gloss and very homogeneous finishing. They are almost exclusively used with impregnation in order to improve their duration over time. They are used for pieces with very complicated shapes, like sinks, cookers, strays for cutlery.
Plaited sisal brushes are used for cutlery polishing (spoons and forks). They are also used for pots, basins and sinks internal treatment ( bottom and side)  on automatic polishing machines.

Made of natural and treated cotton, sisal mixed with sisal and cotton, the pleated sisal buffs can be used with every kind of material and for every bright finishing operation. They are particularly suitable for the “immersion” polishing of pieces with shaped details. The pleated sisal buffs with metal rings are suitable for shaped aluminium profile polishing, while the big diameter buffs for robots are used for heavy robotics polishing work.

This is the buff that fits well with shaped detailed robotic polishing of every metal. This product mixes the benefit of a noteworthy duration, thanks to the impregnation of the fabric, to the total respect of the polishing machine.