Buffs and wheels of Rodiflex, which is a synthetic material with a spongy appearance made from nylon fibres and grains of abrasive, by a special method, give excellent results in all polishing operations where a reduced metal removal is required. Thanks to the various grits and different structures, Rodiflex is the ideal tool to obtain satin finishes on aluminium sections, cutlery, handles, stainless steel sheets, wooden panels and frames.

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Simple sections and ventilated Buffs

The simple sections buffs or simple sections buffs with central stitching are made up of various qualities of cotton cloth, woollen cloth and Rodiflex. They are generally used on hand held spindles and manual machines...

Pleated buffs

These buffs are assembled to a cardboard centre or a metal ring centre. They are made with RODIFLEX type FINE and VERY FINE.

Flap Wheels Buffs

The Rodiflex flap wheels can be manufactured with all kind of Rodiflex and different grits. They are used for many applications: for satin finishing of aluminium profiles and sections for window frames and part of building...