Roditor & Philadelphia is one of the most important companies in the international and Italian landscapes with regard to the production of:

metal polishing products

metal roughing product

metal bright finishing products

steel bright finishing products

aluminum bright finishing products.

Particularly, the company is specialized in the production of liquid and solid abrasive compounds and of buff in cotton, sisal and other materials.

Roditor & Philadelphia was established in 1958 in Verolanuova, province of Brescia, it is now internationally-oriented thanks to its quality products and to its highly competent professional team. Thus, the solutions proposed and products manufactured by the company are used by an even wider number of consumers and Roditor & Philadelphia is a reference point not only in Italy but in all Europe and abroad, especially in the Middle East. The competence and the professionalism acquired by Roditor & Philadelphia in the last sixty years of work made the company very trustworthy for its customers and capable of fully meeting their demands.

The company always focuses on the realization of highly qualified products capable to represent Roditor & Phiadelphia all over the world. Quality is not only a purely technical concept, but it also concern organisational and management issues that permeates this aspects in all its entirety. The range of products goes from the production of abrasive and solid compounds to the junction of abrasive belts of every dimension, to the production of flap wheels with abrasive cloth, to the ventilated and corrugated  nonwoven fabric buffs and to the cotton buffs produced according to customer’s requirements.

Roditor & Philadelphia works in the most profitable industrial sectors: automotive,  mechanical engineering , steelmaking, constructions. Moreover the company produces articles for military, transport, electronic and furniture sectors (polishing, bight finishing and roughing products for cutlery, pots, steel accessories, tableware, accessories for bathroom). The productions halls have been gradually renovated and upgraded and, at the same time, the company always ensured maximum safety for its customers and better results over time.

The company deals with: cycle and motorcycle manufacturers, automatic machines producers, housewares and equipment for food producers, companies producing water fittings, pharmaceutical equipment, metallic doors and windows, furniture, companies operating in the nautical sector and with every producer who need solution concerning bright finishing and glazing.

Roditor & Philadelphia combines years of experience with an ongoing research of innovation.

Sisal buffs for metal polishing, are made from a natural fibre obtained from agave leaves; the result is the production of  extremely compact wheels thet, thanks to the hardness of the fibres, guarantee an high cutting performance. Roditor & Philadelphia deals with the production of:

  • ventilated sisal buffs
  • corrugated sisal buffs
  • pleated sisal buffs
  • stitched sisal buffs
  • plaited sisal brushes.

Ventilated sisal buffs are used for the polishing of aluminium profiles, aluminium and steel sheet, pipes and tubes, shaped pieces, etc. There are various combinations of abrasive compounds that achieve different degree of bright and mirror finishes on the pieces. Ventilated sisal buffs are suitable for roughing operations, while the sisal/cotton and the only cotton ones are used for finishing operation.

With a Thickness of 30 mm, Roditor & Philadelphia’s corrugated sisal buffs are produced with sisal mixed with cotton, with or without impregnation, or with natural or treated cotton. These buffs combines the strong aggressive power with the absence of overheating  thanks to the particular corrugation of their fabric. As a matter of fact, the corrugation of the fabric, has been developed in order to obtain a strong aggressive power and to avoid the overheating of the treated piece. Their applications could be: roughing and pre- bright finishing of steel, iron and chrome (pots, kitchen accessories, pipes). Corrugated sisal buffs are normally exposed to impregnation in order to improve their hardness and duration.

The great flexibility and softness of the plaited sisal brushes allows the treatment of pieces with very complicated shapes and to obtain a semi-gloss and very homogeneous finishing. They are almost exclusively used with impregnation in order to improve their duration over time. They are used for pieces with very complicated shapes, like sinks, cookers, strays for cutlery.
Plaited sisal brushes are used for cutlery polishing (spoons and forks). They are also used for pots, basins and sinks internal treatment ( bottom and side)  on automatic polishing machines.

Made of natural and treated cotton, sisal mixed with sisal and cotton, the pleated sisal buffs can be used with every kind of material and for every bright finishing operation. They are particularly suitable for the “immersion” polishing of pieces with shaped details. The pleated sisal buffs with metal rings are suitable for shaped aluminium profile polishing, while the big diameter buffs for robots are used for heavy robotics polishing work.

This is the buff that fits well with shaped detailed robotic polishing of every metal. This product mixes the benefit of a noteworthy duration, thanks to the impregnation of the fabric, to the total respect of the polishing machine.


Roditor & Philadelphia, operating since 1958, is the reference partner of every customer since it has a strong reputation as expert and reliable supplier. Moreover, the company offers to others companies consultation, assistance and technical support services. Thanks to specialised technicians, Roditor & Philadelphia can offer a team ready to provide a direct connection between the company and customers by offering  technical support for the specific requests and a consulting service in order to improve productivity and efficiency on work cycles. Thanks to this interaction, Roditor & Philadelphia strengthened its expertise, by constantly updating range of products: ventilated cotton buffs, corrugated cotton and sisal buffs, solid and liquid abrasive compounds.

The company constantly tries to improve itself and to update its production. It provides the technical “know-how” that is the result of its experience in the industry and it supports customers in their requests. The company stands out not only for its undeniable expertise, but also for its reliability and its use of modern technologies. As a matter of facts, in its Brescia factory it has the latest and up-to date equipment. The production is coordinated and organized by the most advanced softwares that give constant control on every steps. The operators control every activity and update the processing sheet of all steps in real time. The goal is to provide an efficient, fast and trustworthy service with the full customer satisfaction. 

In 2002 Roditor & Philadelphia obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification for his quality management system  and in 2016 the OHSAS 18001 certification for its own health and safety on the workplace management system. Moreover, the company neither produces nor imports chemicals (on their own, in a preparation or in an article). The care for the environment and for the safety on workplace are at the basis of the mission of the company.

Cotton buffs  are one of the best article of  Roditor & Philadelphia’s production. They are suitable for the industrial polishing and bright finishing of metal, and they are manufactured by sewing together more cotton buffs. In particular, the company from Brescia deals with the production of ventilated, stitched, simple section, corrugated, pleated cotton buffs.

Ventilated cotton buffs are guarantee of quality and excellent performances, as all Roditor & Philadelphia’s products. Different kinds of sewing are essential in order to improve operations’ quality and duration of the buffs that are carefully produced to ensure the correct weight distribution. Ventilated buffs are made with natural or treated cotton, woollen cloth, Rodiflex, sisal and cotton, or only sisal, with or without impregnation. They are suitable for every industrial metal polishing operations: bright finishing and glazing of plain and shaped pieces both on manual and automatic polishing machines.

Ventilated cotton buffs classified as A typology are made for application concerning mirror finishing, high mirror finishing and bright finishing operations.
Articles classified as B typology are suitable for roughing operations, and for other works as well, as the polishing and semi-brightening of every metals, particularly aluminium and steel. Lastly, ventilated cotton buffs are made for cutlery polishing and bright finishing.

Corrugated cotton buffs are made with a mix of sisal and cotton, with or without impregnation, or in natural (MA) or treated cotton. Corrugated buffs combine the strong aggressive power with the absence of overheating thanks to the particular corrugation of fabric.

Corrugated cotton buffs are suitable for polishing, roughing and pre-bright finishing of steel, chrome, iron (pots,  kitchen accessories, pipes). They are the perfect articles if you have to work with a single wheel which does not open out on the side. Thickness is 30 mm.

The buffs produced are classified as follows:

  • 1033 MA type
  • 2045 GOLDEN GG type
  • 2042 GOLDEN BIANCO type
  • 2044 ROYAL BLU type.

The customer can choose the dimension of the buffs to make, according to their needs.

The stitched buffs produced by Roditor & Philadelphia are

  • Simple buffs (with different qualities of cotton, white and coloured shirt-cloth, camouflage and jeans cloth)
  • Stitched cotton buffs (with different qualities of cotton, white and coloured shirt-cloth, camouflage and jeans cloth)
  • Big diameter buffs for robot (MA and MF quality cotton).

Simple buffs, stitched cotton buffs and big diameter buffs for robot are used for every metal polishing and bright finishing. Big diameter stitched cotton buffs for robot are classified with different typologies: 2041 GOLDEN GG type (yellow); 2047 GOLDEN BIANCO (white); 2048 ROYAL BLU type (blue); 2009 NAP VERDE type (green). Moreover, Roditor & Philadelphia produces special buffs by alterning section of simple MA cotton  and OF various qualities of treated cotton, such as: 2050 NAP VERDE + MA; 2051 NAP VERDE + MA + ROYAL BLU; 2052 ROYAL BLU + MA.

Pleated cotton buffs are made with natural and treated cotton, sisal + sisal and cotton, with or without impregnation. They are suitable for every kind of material and they are used for every bright finishing treatments. They are particularly apt for “immersion” processes of pieces with shaped details. Pleated cotton buffs are almost exclusively used on automatic polishing machines for shaped pieces polishing and bright finishing. Every single fabric layer is folded in a “Z” shape (pleated) and then arranged around the centre in different ways:

  • standard (ST), more rigid buff
  • spiral (SP), more flexible buff
  • mini-pleated, very small “Z” pleats (this special assembly allows the “immersion” polishing of small parts)

Roditor & Philadelphia produces

  • pleated buffs with metal seam
  • spiral pleated big diameter buffs for robot (they are spiral pleated buffs with acardboard center, made of natural and treated cotton cloth)

Roditor & Philadelphia’s liquid abrasive compounds  are made for roughing, polishing and mirror finishing operations on different kinds of metals. These compounds can be used on automatic or semi-automatic machines provided with a centralized feeding equipment. This is made possible thanks to the homogeneity of compounds, their adherence to the polishing buff and to the lubricating power capable of reducing the wear of the buff.

Solid abrasive compounds are produced on the establishment settled in Brescia and they are used on metal polishing operation both with traditional manual, automatic, and semi-automatic polishing machines. Compounds with natural abrasives are suitable for brass and alloys treatment, while those with synthetic abrasives have a high finishing capacity on steel and ferrous metals. The solid abrasive compounds are dispensed through a pneumatic feeder that distribute the compound on the rotating mops and allows a perfect dosing, a correct pressure on the mop, less waste of unused compound and, when manual machine are used, it allows to have the operator  both hands free.

The solid and abrasives compounds range consist of custom-made solution for particular applications and treatments, like tallow compounds for the lubrication of abrasive belts and flap wheels of abrasive cloth, and solid abrasive compounds for polyester, plastic, marble, granite, and polyurethane shoes soles bright finishing.

The best way of using liquid abrasive compounds is spraying them with low or high-pressure guns, by means of a centralized system, so as to obtain a light, regular and uniform supply.

There are two types of centralized system:  with pressure tank, from 50 to 100 litres or with “siletto” tank with a pump fixed on it.  The supply of solid abrasive compound is made by means of a pneumatic feeder, mod. COSMEC, applied on both manual and automatic polishing machines. The feeding is carried out through a double action pneumatic cylinder, that approaches the mop and then slowly returns to the initial to prevent the compound bar from a continuous contact with the mop.

Roditor & Philadelphia’s solid and liquid abrasive compounds are made for different metals polishing, roughing, and mirror finishing with automatic or semi-automatic machines, with centralized distribution systems and with traditional polishing machines. Roditor & Philadelphia uses high quality raw materials. Its products can be recognized on market because of their intrinsic features of quality achieved thanks to Roditor & Philadelphia’s experience in the industry of bright finishing products. The company from Brescia is an international point of reference in the branch of abrasive compounds.

Metal polishing and bright finishing are surface finishing mechanical treatments. These particular operations mainly carried out using automatic or manual machines with special brushes and/or belts. Roditor & Philadelphia satisfies its customer’s requirements by adopting different polishing techniques depending on the nature of the product and its use. In addition to the industrial metal, the company is able to prepare the surface for the varnishing phase and it carries out the technical polishing on plastic materials, with varnishing systems equipment and so on. The main industrial metal polishing techniques are the shot peening with blast machines, the tumbling and the sandblasting.

The shot peening is the surface hammering of a material with a strong jet of metal beads, spherical or angular, and it leads to a surface compression on the treated items.

The tumbling equipment are suitable for every industrial treatment of deflashing, grinding and bright finishing of metals and mirror finishing of the items.

The metal sand blasting is a finishing operation, carried out with the application of sand in order to improve the surface aspect of metal pieces or parts of them. It is adopted on steel, metallic alloys, cast iron, wood, ceramic, stones and marble.

Roditor & Philadelphia’s buffs for metal polishing are ventilated sisal or cotton buffs, corrugated sisal or cotton buffs, stitched and pleated buffs. Sisal buffs are used in the roughing and polishing treatments on stainless steel, iron, brass and aluminium.  Cotton buffs, instead, are used in bright  and mirror finishing treatments of stainless steel, iron, aluminium, plastic and precious metals.

The production range of the company includes polishing buffs made of sisal, cotton, Rodiflex, steel wires and Tampico of a diameter between 80mm and 1600 mm, with or without impregnation and with countless variation of sewing (simple section, ventilated, corrugated, stitched and pleated). In addition, the production includes Rodiflex wheels, small sisal and cotton buffs, brushes and cylinders.

Solid and abrasive compounds produced by the company are designed to be used in roughing , polishing and mirror finishing operations  on different kinds of metals. Moreover, Roditor & Philadelphia offers solutions realized for special treatments and applications

  • Solid TALLOW compound
  • Liquid TALLOW compound
  • Solid abrasive compound BIANCA S/105
  • Liquid abrasive compound BIANCA PLAST
  • Solid abrasive compound BIANCA S/M
  • Solid abrasive compound GRANITO
  • Solid abrasive compound P 286/S
  • Solid abrasive compound CRIS 190/S
  • “in cold” paste
  • FIORE/S paste
  • Cleaning paste for hands.

Furthermore, the company provides the required components for the liquid abrasive compound spraying: tanks, filters, pumps, low and high pressure guns, feeding, adapters, manometers, electro-valve, nozzles and controls. The company provides spare parts and manuals for its pumps and guns.

Rodilfex buffs produce excellent results on every polishing treatments and in operations requiring reduced removal. Rodiflex is a synthetic material with a spongy appearance, obtained from nylon fibres and grit. Thanks to different grits and various compositions, Rodiflex is the perfect tool to obtain satin-brushed finishes on aluminium profiles, cutlery, handles, metal sheet and steel panels, wooden panels and frames. Roditor & Philadelphia produces in its Brescia plant different kinds of rodiflex buffs: ventilated buffs, pleated buffs, flap wheels.

Woollen cloth buffs produced by  Roditor & Philadelphia. They are sewed with woollen cloth, sometimes mixed with cotton canvas, and they are used both on manual and automatic polishing machines on aluminium and its alloys. Woollen cloth buffs produce a special level of finishing. The company’s production includes simple sections and stitched buffs (made with simple sections or spirally stitched at 8-10 mm. width) suitable for bright finishing of aluminium sections and ventilated buffs.

Roditor & Philadelphia’s production includes tampico buffs. Tampico is a plant fibre from Mexico. These buffs are extremely soft and flexible, and they are generally used in bright and satin finishing on steel surfaces. They allow the treatment of pieces with a very complex shape and they produce a semi-bright finishing. In order to obtain a longer duration of the buffs and to improve adhesiveness of the abrasive compound they are often impregnated.

The company produces different buffs for manual and automatic polishing machines.

Buffs and brushes can be:

  • with small bore, for manual machines
  • with metal seams for automatic machine
  • brushes and cylinders

The rodiflex buffs, tampico brushes, the steel wire brushes  and other kind of buffs and wheels produced by Roditor & Philadelphia are known and used all over the world thanks to the high quality of their materials, to their precision, and to the high performances on roughing, polishing and brightening of metals, steel and aluminium. Moreover, the wide range of articles offered allows customers to choose the products that best suit their needs and expectations. 

Choose the quality of Roditor & Philadelphia metal polishing products! Roditor and Philadelphia, involved in international treading since 1958, produces abrasive compounds, buffs made of cotton, sisal and other material for treating and finishing metal surface. Roditor & Philadelphia production is wide and diversified, this and for this reasons its customers are fully satisfied with the company team.

Roditor & Philadelphia is one of the most important companies in the world that manufacture items for surface treatment and industrial metal finishing, both manual and robotised. The original company, Confezioni Dischi Roditor, was born in 1958 in Verolanuova, province of Brescia, in order to supply Brescian companies working in the metal surface polishing sector.  Over the years the company established  itself on the national market. In order to satisfying the growing number of customers, in the early ’70 it expanded its production introducing, together with the buffs also the solid and liquid abrasive compounds produced by an expert Brescian artisan. In 1972, from the union between Mr. Giovanni Pugnetti’s laboratory and Confezioni Dischi Roditor, arose Philadelphia Chemical, whose name comes from the street of its first production site. In 1980 the merger between Confezioni Dischi Roditor and Philadelphia Chemical led to the creation of Roditor & Philadelphia,  that in 1991 physically merged the buffs production unit with the abrasive compounds one, and in 1999 it completed the merger of the administration and sales offices in the present location in San Donnino street

Roditor & Philadelphia produces:

  • Cotton buffs 
  • Cloth buffs
  • Woollen buffs
  • Sisal buffs 
  • Ventilated buffs
  • Corrugated buffs
  • Pleated buffs
  • Steel wire brushes
  • Solid and liquid abrasive compounds.

The most used consist of simple section, ventilated, corrugated or pleated buffs. The first ones are traditional buffs are almost exclusively used on manual polishing machines. They are made of various qualities of cotton, woollen cloth, Rodiflex.

Ventilated buffs are suitable for every polishing, bright finishing and satin finishing treatments of flat and shaped workpieces on manual and automatic cleaning machines. They can be sewed from natural and treated cotton, woollen cloth, Rodiflex, sisal and cotton, only sisal, with or without  impregnation. Corrugated buffs are used for roughing and preliminary bright finishing, whereas pleated buffs are used  for every bright finishing treatment.

The Brescian company makes product from high quality materials, as a result of on-going research and technologically advanced machinery. As a consequence, its customers manufacture high quality, reliable and innovative items and they get real operational benefits, such as the improvement of the finishing, increased productivity, costs optimization and the simplification of working cycles. Roditor & Philadelphia periodically increases its Research and Development activities,  to raise the production standards and the level of customers satisfaction. Moreover, it keeps investigating in the enlargement of the areas production and storehouse. Furthermore, the company constantly realise increasingly modern and efficient machineries. The overarching goal pursued by these projects is meeting customers and companies demands and expectation. The facilities provided for these companies concern consultation and technical support for steel and metal polishing products.